Frustrationless Flyer - 10 pack

Frustrationless Flyer - 10 pack
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Product Description

Frustrationless Flyer - 10 pack
The Frustrationless Flyer is an easy to build kite for kids. Each kit contains pre-cut parts with simple step-by-step assembly instructions. The tough tearproof TyvekŪ sail can be decorated with markers, crayons or Acrylic paints. These 30"w. x 24"h. kites are easy to fly and will last for years. Available in packs of 10 or 20. Tails available separately. Line available separately.

The Frustrationless Flyer is a great classroom or group project kite kit. Teachers and recreation specialists will be able to introduce kids to kite flying very easily. Building goes quickly because everything is pre-cut. The kites fly best in 5 to 15 mph, an ideal wind range. The step-by-step instructions also give pointers on flying. Though these kites do not need at tail, colorful streamers can be added.

*Does NOT include kite line

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