Freeflight Power Flyer

Freeflight Power Flyer
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The propeller-driven, high performance of the Power Flyer will amaze everyone with its long distance flight.

* Easing effortlessly into the sky to shatter all preconceptions of what a glider should be, this glider is powered by wind and fueled by soul * Anyone can go soaring in three easy steps: set the tail fin for distance or stunts, wind the propeller and push into the sky * Adjustable tail fin can be set for long distance flights of circular "stunt" flight patterns * Rubber band "motor" can be cranked up to 500 revolutions for spectacular flying performance * Durable ripstop nylon wings with lightweight graphite frame provide years of faithful flight * Enjoy flights of up to 600 feet (two football fields) in length and up to 50 feet high

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