Cosmic Rocket Kit

Cosmic Rocket Kit
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Product Description

A Hands-On rocket launching science kit for the whole family. Includes a booklet of fun rocket science with detailed launching instructions and a rocket that flies up to 50 feet. A unique experimental kit that inspires young scientists.


How does your Cosmic Rocket work? When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called "carbon dioxide" is formed. With the chemical reaction continue to take place, more and more of the carbon dioxide is produced inside of the rocket Up to a point when the cavity of the rocket could not hold more of the gas, the gas accumulated will escape from the bottom of the rocket, result in a thrust which forces the rocket to fly.

Includes the following: - 1 Transparent Rocket body - 3 Rocket Fins - 1 Connecting Ring - 1 Launching Station Pad - 1 Measuring Spoon - 1 Booklet of Fun Rocket Facts

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